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Control PulseAudio with a MIDI controller

Control PulseAudio with a MIDI controller

February 21, 2022

I’ve made an app that enables the Behringer X-Touch Mini to control the audio channels in PulseAudio. It maps every audio channel to an encoder on the Behringer which allows you to change its volume or mute/unmute it.


  • The volume of every audio channel (input or output) in PulseAudio is controllable with an encoder on the Behringer X-Touch Mini.
  • All audio channels can be muted using the buttons below the encoders.
  • The LED ring around the encoders will show the volume level.
  • Audio in your browser or in a program like Spotify can be played, paused, stopped.
  • When media is playing or paused, the play button is lit or blinking.
  • The first encoder is always the main volume, the last is always the active microphone.

How to use

It’s a Typescript app, see the instructions on GitHub.

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