Tim de Pater

Senior Software/DevOps Engineer

Tim de Pater


I’m a senior software architect with a broad knowledge of architecture and infrastructure, particularly interested in high performance and mission critical web applications. I love to create scalable architectures, automate processes and maintain infrastructure.

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I've a full-time job as Software/DevOps engineer, but I want to do more with the knowledge and experience I have. That's why I'm offering the services described on this page. If you're interested, contact me to find out what I can do for you.

  • Name Tim de Pater
  • Age 33 Years
  • Languages Dutch, English
  • Country The Netherlands
  • E-mail consultancy@trafex.nl
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What I do



Building scalable Kubernetes clusters on public cloud providers.



Transforming applications to be able to run them in a container.



Get grip and insight in all the moving parts of your infrastructure.


Infrastructure as Code

Building the infrastructure in a repeatable and verifiable way

  • My experience

  • Public Cloud

    Since the beginning of public cloud I was hooked on it. It made orchestrating the infrastructure a breeze. I've experience with Google Cloud, AWS and Azure.

  • Kubernetes

    I've created many Kubernetes clusters on different cloud providers. I know everything to make it a truly scalable platform.

  • Prometheus & Datadog

    Monitoring is crucial and needs to integrate the best way possible with your infrastructure. Prometheus is the best choice Kubernetes.

  • Docker

    If you think containers you think Docker. I've build lots of containers in the past and maintain some for others to use on Docker Hub

  • PHP

    More than 14 years experience with PHP. I've build all kinds of web-applications.

  • Terraform & Ansible

    Building the infrastructure in a repeatable and verifiable way (also known as GitOps). With tools like Terraform & Ansible you program your infrastructure instead of manually build it. It's in my opinion the only way to do DevOps.

  • NodeJS / Javascript

    Everything is Javascript these days. I've experience with React, ES6, Webpack and Server Side Rendering.

  • Load testing

    Without load testing you can't build a scalable infrastructure. You need to test it to prove it before putting it in production. I've experience with jMeter, Apache Bench & Siege

  • Linux

    I'm working with Linux for more then 16 years. This experience is crucial for debugging issues in a containerized environment.